Where to Begin

We are looking forward to sharing this crazy journey with all of you! In it’s current state, we cannot live in the house with the kids, so we are staying about an hour away with Rich’s parents. It’s a cozy fit with six of us under one roof, but it’s working out great! Until we move in and can really get our hands dirty on a regular basis, new posts may be few and far between (I’m also completely new to this blogging thing, so bear with me!).  We’ve had a couple of inspections and we’ve gotten a couple of quotes to get started, so hopefully things will start moving quickly!

A little background on how we got here…

After what felt like a whirlwind romance between the house and me (and one impromptu road trip), we closed on Feb 3, just three weeks after it showed up on the market.  We finally packed up our house in MI and left it lonely and still on the market at the end of March so we could start work on the new place. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I’m not sure we knew just what we were getting ourselves into. 🙂

The house was last sold in 2004 to a developer before the housing market really took a dive. No one has lived in the house at all since then, and we’ve been told that the family used it as a summer house before that.

Some things we knew going in:

The furnaces (two of them) are huge, massive, 40-year old beasts hidden in the basement and are fueled by an equally huge, buried oil tank.  Had I been reasonably sane at the time, this alone probably would have sent me running.

The house was winterized, so there has been no running water or working plumbing. We DO know the well was replaced and a new pump and UV light were put in around 2008.  We were also told there was a new septic tank put in, but it is not on our property and the health department could find no record of it. Also, the one bathroom on the South side of the house goes out to the old septic that I think has been collapsed.

There’s a little mold problem, and by little, I do mean the whole basement. There’s also some mildew on pretty much every surface of the upstairs.

Every wall in the house is covered in wall paper that is sad and saggy (and a little mildewy).  Behind the wall paper are ancient plaster walls and ceilings in need of repair, but are not in too bad of shape.

We found a variety of two, four, six and eight-legged creatures who decided to occupy the house for us. The house was littered with stink bug carcasses, so much that the floors crunched when you walked across them.  In the attic, a few million remained behind to continue breeding. We found a random dead squirrel in the attic and an old bird body in another room. The curtains were a lovely catchall of all things gross, especially in the basement where there were encased in spider webs, just list in the movies! 🙂

There is most certainly lead paint in the house, probably everywhere.

There are a few broken windows throughout and at least a dozen cracked panes. The glass is almost all old poured glass with distortions. It’s probably going to be hard to replace.

There is every kind of electric you can think of in that house. It’s like they just put new stuff in as electric codes changed. The biggest issue is knob and tube wiring which is throughout the house, plus in the attic. Some switches are push button, some are twist and some are more modern.

So yea, I think that’s it. Does anyone else think we are crazy?

PS I will try to get some pictures up soon so you can see all the fun!

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2 Responses to Where to Begin

  1. Katie says:

    Would love to see pictures!! Think it’s great you are repairing this old beauty!! Welcome!!

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