They say there is no money in plaster work…

A plasterer covering a wall, using a hawk (in ...We knew this house would need a lot of plaster work.  Almost every wall in the house is plaster after all.  Has anyone had much experience with plaster? We had to have a section of our entry way replastered in MI after we renovated the mud room. We hired someone to come out and do it for us because it just seemed like something you really had to get right.  After he shared with us his weekly plans to have dinner with his brother (which we actually heard from the people who told us about him), he got to work and did a great job. It did seem slightly expensive, but what the heck, it looked nice. Then we covered most of it up with a built-in thingy and that’s the end of the story.

Ok, so back to this house…

Getting someone to come out and actually look at the house and give us a quote was way more difficult than I imagined it would be. Apparently the size of the project was somewhat intimidating. What is intimidating about a 5500 sq ft home? 🙂  We finally got one guy to come out. He was really nice and told us he they would bond it, tape it, skim it,  sand it and prime it (including the trim), anything more than that was going to cost us way too much. We parted happy that someone had finally come to give us a quote and hopefully we’d start getting some work done.

Then we waited for a quote… and waited, and waited…

After a couple of phone calls and more than a week in time, we were emailed a quote. The grand total for plaster work on our second floor (and only the second floor) turned out to be TRIPLE what we thought it might be! Mind you, we’ve been told the plaster is not that bad for a 160 year old house. There are no gaping holes, no big chunks coming down. Honestly, I never thought it would be that much. Are you dying to know? Thirty-three thousand plus dollars. Yes, I typed it out because I thought it might not be so shocking that way, after all I am still trying to get over the initial shock myself. We still had the first floor, the finished attic and a basement that were going to need plaster work too. I won’t tell you what I said, but I will tell you that there were a few profane words mixed in. What in the world have we gotten ourselves in to…

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