The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Wallpaper started coming down last Wednesday!

We didn’t think the it was going to be too difficult to clear the wallpaper out of this house. In most rooms, if you could find a loose corner, you could pull a huge sheet of paper off in one go. It was kind of like an itch, once you started scratching, it was hard to stop. Some of the paper was stubborn though, and things started getting messy, so we brought in the pros.

Well, one pro. 🙂 He started on Wednesday and in one day he was able to clear a bedroom and a half, and a bathroom! Today, he finished working on the main stairwell where the paper has been the same as long as they can remember. That’s probably why it looks like the paper has been repaired a number of times. A lot of the paper was pulled off because it was already loose, so it’s now a lot of getting glue off the walls. Totally not exciting for anyone, but it really brightens up the walls when they are clean. That stairwell goes all the way up to the third floor, so I am sure it was a little hairy getting the paper off way up at the top! 🙂 The remaining rooms on the second floor have one or two layers of old paper underneath, so it will be interesting to see what we find under there!

We did find some interesting things…

Two of the rooms were signed by the person who hung the paper. What a neat find! It was signed way up high though, so I didn’t get a chance to really see what it said, but it had their name, that they were from somewhere in VA and that is was done in 1972. Unfortunately, the removal guy wiped it away when he was cleaning the glue off the walls before we got a chance to take a picture of it. Lesson learned? Always have a camera ready!

We also found an old, sealed doorway under some paper in the front hall.  It looks like they sealed that door way and moved it to the other side of the wall that divides the foyer from the stairs. It’s possible that the stairs behind the wall that currently go from the first to second floor used to go down to the basement. When you come down those stairs, there is a door-to-nowhere off the landing.  The space where the stairs could have been now has two very small half baths.

Something strange I noticed, the rooms where the wall paper is gone smell better! The paper must have had 40 years of dirt and mildew smell trapped in it. With the paper down, we can really start to see the cracks in the plaster too and some areas are less than perfect but I love it all! 🙂

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