Rain, rain, go away

I don’t know what the weather has been like where ever you are reading this, but we have been getting a ton of rain lately. In fact, as I type this, more rain is hammering down on the roof and thunder is rattling the window panes. Luckily we are warm and dry at the in-laws’ house.
Jacks-Manning hasn’t been as lucky. Actually, it kind of feels like a new leak is found every time Rich goes back to the house! There are two on the front porch which is covered by a metal roof. It looks like something (maybe a brick from a chimney) fell on it and put a big hole in it. The other two are on the third floor, probably from the widow’s peak. Hopefully the third floor leaks can be fixed with some flashing repairs. The question is how to fix the metal roof?
Sometimes I try to imagine how we will decorate the rooms, what the layout of the kitchen will be, and other “fun” things, but then days like today just bring me back to reality and all the work we have ahead of us! 

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