That’s a nice belt you have there…

Below is an email I got from Rich today while he was working at the house. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with a picture. 🙂

“So in addition to catching leaks today … (at least 3 of them are definitely from holes in the shingles) … I’ve found a new (or maybe old) resident …

I had been up in the eaves looking for leaks earlier.  When it started raining hard again I went up to make sure I was still catching water and that nothing else was leaking.  Saw something that looked like a belt up in one of the openings that I hadn’t noticed before.  When I shined my light in from a closer and better angle there were two beady eyes looking back at me.  I think it was a black snake and a pretty big one.

When I got back with a garden rake and cooler to try to remove it, all I saw was flick of a tail disappearing into the insulation in the soffit.

The fun never ends…”

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