Reno Life


Renovations are hard. Period. I’m sure I could leave it at that and anyone who has attempted a reno would understand.  Maybe even some who haven’t ever had their lives turned upside down by the process would feel our pain. The dust and dirt, the living on subfloors, the missing kitchen and baths; even in small quantities, they can make things difficult.  I wouldn’t say that we are seasoned pros, but we have been through our fair share of reno projects over the last ten years, and they never get easier to deal with.

Renovations are hard when you have two small children to contend with on a daily basis. A three-year-old who wants to help and get into anything and everything that she possibly can. A one-year-old who has decided life is better being carried from one place to the next and loves to cry the moment you set her down to try to accomplish even the most simplest of tasks. All this in a house with a good 10 years of dirt and dust and mold and mildew accumulation, that even a good scrubbing doesn’t seem to take care of.

Renovations are hard when you are staying an hour away and have a full-time job to contend with, especially when the renovation itself is easily its own full-time job with overtime. Trying to work on projects yourself while coordinating with contractors for those jobs you can’t do. Then you have to decide, do you drive back and forth everyday? Do you make it home in time for bedtime or do you work late into the night? How do you manage your career, your reno, your family and not sacrifice your sanity at the same time?

Renovations are hard, and sometimes you need a break. Feeling useless an hour away with the kiddos, I packed us up and did just that last week. In an effort to make a significant dent in the plumbing work, Rich decided that he was going to stay at the house for a week, working by day and renovating by night. The girls and I headed to NJ (after a very long day at the DMV transferring my license to WV) to visit with their Nana.  We got to cool off at the beach and spend time with Nana, Aunt Kris and Uncle Rich and just relax.  Rich got to make actual progress on the upstairs bathrooms and not get a daily guilt trip for not being home to see the kids. Look for some bathroom renovation pictures in a post soon! Meanwhile, how do you keep your sanity admist the chaos of your lives??


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2 Responses to Reno Life

  1. Love the photos, glad you got some R and R! It’s tough but you did the right thing. We also used to do the same as it got us in the house faster!

    • Reno life before kids was so much easier because I could just dig in and get my hands dirty and feel useful. Looks like we’ll have a couple more trips to the beach this summer instead. 🙂

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