Story Time

Rich and his dad have been over at the house every night this week trying to clear the debris.  The heat indices have been in the high 90s and 100s, and I am sure it is miserable work for both of them.  So, I thought I would lighten things up and share a couple of stories!

A few weeks ago, the girls, their grandma and I were invited to a luncheon with some other moms and women of Charles Town so that we could be introduced and start getting to know our new neighbors. I’m pretty sure that everyone there knew about our house and had been in it before.  I’m also pretty sure some of them know our house a lot better than we do, which I have to admit, is a little unsettling. The good thing is that they also know stories about the house that we will never get to hear otherwise!  Two such stories were shared with us that day…

The first, is not so much of a story actually. One of the older women asked me if I had met the ghost yet! I told her that we hadn’t seen anything terribly out of the ordinary, but we also haven’t spent the night in the house yet either. Any time that Rich stays there, he stays on the property, but in a comfortable, air-conditioned space. Well, she went on to tell us that this ghost is very accommodating. Whenever the family would return to the house and open it up for Summer, if there was something that Mrs. Hayes had misplaced or just could not find, the ghost would simply lay it out for her while she slept so she could find it in the morning. 🙂

The second story is a bit more unnerving! They told us that there are black snakes in the area and that we will have them at the house. This wasn’t news really because Rich had just met our resident black snake the day before. The story, however, goes like this… The Hayes were having a dinner party one evening and heard screams coming from the bathroom and then someone ran out.  Apparently the black snake had come up through the plumbing and was coming out of the toilet bowl!

I love to hear stories like these, and I hope that we can sit down again with her one day and hear more because they just make everything that we are doing so much more worthwhile.  We’re not just restoring plaster walls and wood floors, but all the history that lived within them.

As for the stories we heard that day… I did go to the house and ask very nicely if someone would help me find my social security card when I needed to find it to transfer my license and had searched everywhere else. While no one left it out in plain sight for me, I did eventually find it in a box at the house.  You can also be certain that I thoroughly check the toilet bowl every time I go to use it now too! 🙂

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3 Responses to Story Time

  1. Kris says:

    Ugh, snakes in the toilet!? Definitely check before you sit. Thanks for the stories….can’t wait to hear (read) more.

  2. our heritage home says:

    LOL, to funny, you asked for your social security card! I think the notion of ghost stories sort of come with the old house territory. Sill freaking out about your black snakes :-/

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