Prince Albert in the can?

So, not much has been going on lately due to the massive amount of clean-up going on.  We have made a huge dent and we can use our driveway again. Most of what’s left in the yard is the large cottonwood tree and brush from it. We burned off the rest of the brush in the yard and the remaining stuff is in the tree line, so we’ll get to it eventually. 🙂  I put photos up on facebook as we make progress, so you can follow along there if you want!

Meanwhile, I realized I never did write a post about the progress that Rich made on the bathrooms.  He pulled up the floors and removed the fixtures to get a better idea of what the plumbing looked like for our permit application. To save space on WordPress, I’ll post the bathroom pictures the Jacks-Manning Farm facebook page and update them as progress is made! One interesting find was Prince Albert in a Can, buried under the floorboards of the master bath.  Always amazed by the things we find!

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2 Responses to Prince Albert in the can?

  1. Kris says:

    Did you let him out?

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