We’re Back

Hi Friends!

After a two-week hiatus at the Jersey Shore and long nights of Olympic coverage, I felt it might be nice to come back and update everyone on our goings-on. 

Our mason has been working hard on our chimneys.  What started as one total rebuild and one partial rebuild on the back chimneys, along with reflashing and capping, turned into two complete rebuilds and two partial rebuilds on the front chimneys, plus some repointing. These jobs always turn out to be more than we planned! 

We also had the fallen beech tree taken to the mill and cut into planks. The first plank didn’t look very promising, but Rich says the rest looked pretty good (wish I had a picture) and they went ahead and sent them to be kiln dried. Hopefully in 4 to 6 months we’ll have some nice wood! We talked about kitchen cabinets, but if there isn’t enough, we might use it or a kitchen island.  Lots of time to decide!

I looked forward to having more updates and pictures for you soon!

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