Getting our Dig on

We started digging our trench yesterday!
We are hoping to move electric and telephone to the other side of the house and bury it from the pole to the house. This fun activity also involves moving the pressure tank in our basement to the other side of the room, putting a hole through the foundation wall,  and figuring out the location of fuel tanks.  It also includes a fancy upgrade on our electrical panel.  That is, if the electric company quote doesn’t come back at some insanely high rate. 

The best part of all this?  A fancy new electric panel means we will finally be ready to handle a new HVAC system and a new HVAC system means we will be ready to have the second floor plaster repaired.  ALL of that means we are closer to actually moving in and living in our house!

We are borrowing a little tractor (it sure beats digging by hand) from a friend of the family and Rich’s  dad (aka Pappy) is doing the digging.  So far, they’ve got about 1/3 of the trench done.  Unfortunately Pappy is working 10s this week, so we probably won’t be making too much progress, but every baby step counts! 

In the mean time, there’s lots of time to work on plumbing and  getting permits, and waiting for roofers to get back to us to get our roof fixed! 🙂

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2 Responses to Getting our Dig on

  1. That’s wonderful news, one step at a time, it all adds to progress.

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