Labor Day

So many things getting done and so many things happening.  It’s an exciting time! Plus, summer is winding down, and while I like summer, I LOVE fall.  We’re excited to see what the area has to offer us this fall.  🙂

As for progress on the house:

We are really trying to be patient while we wait to hear back from the roofer, the electrician and the HVAC guys.  It’s especially hard when they say that will get back to you end of day, tomorrow, end of week, and all those things have passed!

In the meantime, we finished digging the trench and laid the conduit for the electrical and telephone before filling it back in ahead of the rain. While they were at it, they also pulled out the giant over grown bushes that were against the South side of the porch and cleared out the little ones in front of the same porch.  Rich says the house looks naked now, but I see it as a clean canvas!

We also moved the water tank, patched the floor and built a wall in the basement for the new electrical panel.  Rich is also in the process of removing the drop ceiling in the kitchen to gain access to all the bathroom plumbing on the second floor.  We are still working on getting a permit for the plumbing work that needs to be done.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so I’ll be back for another update soon.  As usual, I’ll put more pictures up on the Facebook page where there is more space for pictures when I get a chance.  

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One Response to Labor Day

  1. Sounds like your moving at the speed of light, even if you don’t feel it! I think you guys are making amazing progress.

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