Busy, busy here!

On Sunday, the girls and I moved into a tiny apartment in town so that we weren’t driving two hours a day for Ellie’s school and so we could hopefully have more time to work on the house and still have family time.

On Monday, Ellie had her first day of preschool!  The electricians came in the morning and installed the meter socket and new panel, connected them and ran the service wire to the old panel to connect them.

The roofing company came and started scraping the metal roof over the front porches. They also started deconstructing the widow’s peak to rebuild it.

The HVAC guys also came yesterday! We paid for the equipment for the second and third floors so it can be ordered. Installation should start on Monday.

Today, the inspector came and passed our electric work for the new panel! Now the power company can come next week to move the service to the new panel/meter. The roofers should be back to prime the metal roof and fix the metal roof on the widow’s peak with standing seam roof. Then they will rebuild the railings.

It’s exciting to see so much getting done!

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