We are working …


Here’s a shot of the Widow’s peak before they rebuilt it.

We are working with very limited cell and internet service at our tiny apartment home in town, so updates may be somewhat infrequent for awhile, but luckily, work goes on!

Yesterday’s heavy rain put a damper on the work party, but today, we carry on! The HVAC guys were here Monday to install a big dehumidifier in the basement to help with the moisture issues and they have been installing mini-splits in the bedrooms this week.  The plaster guy came back to take another look at the place since his quote was from May and we’ve changed a couple things here and there.  The roofers took the day off to let things dry out, but the widow’s peak has been rebuilt and primed and the metal roof over the porch is all ready for some paint! The heavy rain yesterday showed us where we still have some issues with the roof that need to be addressed.  One day we will be leak free!

On the MI home front, we thought we might be close to making a deal after a month and a half of back and forth with buyers.  Unfortunately the deal fell through, but that may have been the best considering the way the offer was going.  So, we continue to wait for the right family to come along and love that house as much as we did.  We even buried St. Joseph in the yard to help sell it thanks to my wonderful friend Teresa who dragged her family over there to take care of a couple of things for us.  I’m looking forward to coming back and sharing good news on that house soon!


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