Man Lifting


I was slightly annoyed by this one big branch that stretched out to block the view of the house from the driveway. Afterall, we lost so many trees and branches, why did this ONE branch stick around?

Our HVAC contractor was nice enough to “share” his man lift (boom lift) rental with us so we could get some work done. He would pay for half (which was included in our bill) and we would pay the other half. So, even though we essentially paid the whole amount, at least we were able to get it at his discounted rate.

Thanks to the man lift, we were able to trim low-hanging branches along the driveway and near the house. We also cleaned up dead branches and got rid of that pesky branch that annoyed me. We cleaned put the gutters and we were able to finally fix and replace our down spouts after finally tracking down 4 inch galvanized spouting in MD.

What was somewhat of a surprise to me was the chute they made out a third floor window with the help of the man lift. Somewhere along the way, a decision was made to take out the drywall and insulation in the attic. The chute will be used to quickly transport the debris to our newly rented dumpster. The insulation coming down is disgusting; torn to shreds and covered in excrement. I’m actually glad to be getting rid if it even though this project was a bit of a surprise!

Eventually I am sure someone will get back to working on the plumbing so we can move in… 🙂

As a side note, and interesting recommended tag for this post was “Jimmy Hoffa.” What might word press be trying to tell me? 🙂

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