Facelift could refer to any number of projects we have going on at the house, but this time we are referring to our digital lives. We’ve decided to update our name to Vinton Manor instead of Jacks-Manning Farm. The house goes by both names, but we felt like Jacks-Manning Farm might be confusing since we aren’t actually a farm.  In addition, as we look into the history of the house and its occupants, the family name is actually Jack, as in Capt. Robert Y. Jack, who the house was built for. 

So, now you can find us in all the same places, but with a slightly different name!

Here at WordPress: vintonmanor.wordpress.com

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/VintonManor

And on Twitter: twitter.com/VintonManor

You can also still reach us directly by email.

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