The Insurance Matter

Well, work has not been moving at the blistering pace that I would like it to, but we are slowly checking things off the to-do list.
All of the cast iron waste lines in the house have been replaced by PVC, and the materials for new supply lines are in and ready for installation including a new water heater so that we might have hot water one day!

We are also in the process of pulling new electrical wire to replace the knob and tube. We removed 9.5 tons of material (and bat poop) from the third floor and had a structural engineer come in and do drawings.
We have snow sitting on the roof, and wouldn’t you know, as it melts, we continue to have leaks. We are now in the process of getting quotes for a new metal roof and some structural support work suggested by the engineer.
We might finally get some heat on the second floor of the house this week as they are finally finishing the installation of the mini-splits. I’m sure that is great news to Rich since he usually spends most of his day there doing his regular job and it’s around 38 degrees Fahrenheit in the house when he gets there. Most days it’s warmer outside than in!
But, even all this is not enough to keep our insurance company happy and they will “let us go” as of February 3rd. Pretty disappointing for a number of reasons, including that they have been my insurance company for 17 years and we have never made a claim against our insurance. Now, on top of everything else, we have to shop around for new home insurance. It’s turning out to be even more difficult than we thought to get a local company who will insure homes with such a high rebuild cost!

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