We have heat!


Finally! I can’t tell you what it feels like to walk in almost a year to the date that we stepped foot in the house too look at it for the first time and feel warmth (although there is still cosmetic work to do!). Of course it’s pushing almost 60 degrees today and the sun is shinning, so it would be one of those days where we open all the doors to let the cold out and the warm in. 🙂 That’s the thing about 16-inch brick walls… They take a long time to warm up, but they also keep the house cool in the summer, at least until the humidity gets to you.

Still no heat on the first floor. We will be putting in two traditional furnaces to supply warmth to the lower levels. Before they can be installed, the two behemoth oil burners that came with the house had to be removed.

We are now trying to clean up the room in an attempt to get rid of th strong oil smell before patching the concrete. Decades of coal and oil and grime have left their mark on what appears to be a very thin concrete floor over packed dirt and rock. The room will also be home to our new water heater and recirculation pumps.


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One Response to We have heat!

  1. Susan McFadden says:

    Great news. I was looking at the pictures on your web site and one of the bathrooms has a square pedestal sink. I found one just like it at that antique place, I was telling you about. Do you think you will have a use for it. I can get dimensions for it if you like. My gift to you,

    On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Vinton Manor

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