Brick Donor House

Rich and his dad have spent more than a month of Saturdays digging bricks out of the frozen ground!

Someone took apart a brick encased log house in Greencastle, PA (about an hour North of us) and sold it on Craig’s List.  The timber is on its way to a new home in Montana, and lots of bricks have been left scattered around the property. The house is from the 1800’s, originally a single-story home and was bricked when they added a second story.  Lucky for us, the brick is the same size and approximate time period as the bricks used on our house!

We have a number of brick areas outside that will need to be rebuilt including the  basement entrance on the south side, the columns under the back porch and the columns supporting the butler’s pantry entrance. There is also a load-bearing wall in the basement with a large section of spalling (deteriorating) bricks to be repaired.

To date, they have dug out and salvaged about 1200 bricks and there are more to be found!

Here’s a photo of the house as it looked before they tore it down.

donor house

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