Pictures from John Allen Jr.

In 2004, during two very hot days, John Allen Jr. and photographer Walter Smalling visited Vinton Manor as they compiled stories and pictures for the book “An Uncommon Vernacular.” It was a very sad time for the Hayes family, as it was also their last two days in their family home.  The Hayes were packing their things while John and Walter were there, and the house was leaving the hands of the family for the first time since it was built.  To make matters worse, the house was being bought by a developer and the future of the house and the land was questionable. While it was an unhappy time for them, it ultimately led to our ownership and we hope we can make them proud. 

There is an album of pictures on our Facebook page that John generously shared with us.  It’s so different to see the house looking so lived in.  Enjoy them!

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